Bruxism Appliances

Do you struggle with frequent grinding or clenching of your teeth? You may answer ‘no’ to this question but there’s a chance you do this without even knowing it while you sleep. The dental professionals at South University Dental analyze your mouth for signs of grinding or clenching (also known as Bruxism), as this can cause long-term damage to your teeth and jaw. Headaches and neck pain are also frequent symptoms of those who struggle with grinding and clenching. 

Those who suffer from Bruxism can be treated at South University Dental thanks to a soft, simple appliance made to cut down on grinding and clenching.

Do you suffer from Bruxism or experience the symptoms related to Bruxism?

Once again, a simple appliance may be the answer that creates a long-term solution. To schedule a consultation with Doctor Fellman, Doctor DeBates, Doctor Samuel, or Doctor Bergan, email our office or call 701.232.8884 to schedule your appointment today!